Quitting Smoking – Day Six – Stress

Today is day six of not smoking and man was it a roller-coaster ride!  I had a pretty normal day at work with not much too exciting going on.  Meetings, budgeting, phone calls and emails.  I really quite honestly didn’t think too much about smoking at all.  When I got home, me and my wife went to dinner at a nice Thai food place. About half way through dinner my phone rings.  We have a massive problem at work.

We scarf down our food and pay the tab.  I take my wife home and drop her off and immediately head to the office.  Traffic is horrible and this is one of those problems that every minute counts.  I’m stressing – BIG TIME.  And that’s when it hits… bam… the urge to smoke.  I really wanted to pull over at Kwik-E-Mart and let that little devil Apu sell me some smokes.  But I didn’t.  I am absolute in my resolve to never smoke again.  You need to make the same decision in your mind and you need to write down a list of all those reasons and re-read them to yourself every day!

It wound up taking till almost midnight to get things resolved and return home.  During that time I managed to completely forget about smoking and focus on the problems at hand.  I didn’t need that crutch after all.  If I can get through a situation that stressful without smoking, I can get through any situation without smoking.  It’s actually a very impactful event for me, because the first time I had ever smoked at work was a stressful situation.  It was part of my transition from social smoker to full-time smoker.  My boss at the time had threatened to fire me if something that happened ever happened again.  I had been to the bar the night before (social smoker, remember?) and had a pack of smokes in my vehicle.  I walked straight to my vehicle, grabbed a cigarette and lit up.  From that day forward I smoked at work every day.  My transition to full-time smoker was complete.

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