Day 213 – Still Smoke Free

Just to let everyone know it is day 213 and I am still smoke free!  Not a single puff!

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Quit Smoking – Day 112

I just wanted to take a minute and update this site to let you all know it is now day 112 and I am still smoke free!  How awesome is that?

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Quit Smoking – Day 45 – Holy Shit

Holy SHIT!  Tonight is Day 45.  I went to a bar with a friend after work.  He in turn invited his smoker girl friend to the bar.  She shows up and immediately lights up.  Within seconds I am having cravings.  This sucks!  I’ve been 45 freakin’ days without a smoke and I have cravings like I have never quit!!!  The tobacco execs who sat in front of congress should be executed.  You son’s of bitches sat there and said “Tobacco is not addictive.”  You guys are worse than Barrack Obama lying about not raising taxes!!!

Anyway.  I made a quick exit.  I’m home and smoke free.  Thank God.  That sucked major anus.

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Quitting Smoking – Day 32 – Wierd

Last night I went to a bar and met a friend of mine.  We had a few beers and then out of nowhere I got a huge craving.  A craving like I never even quit!  That was unexpected.  It lasted about a minute and was gone.

Nicotine totally rewires your brain.  I assume the crave was caused by the association of smoking with drinking in this bar.  I also can’t help but wonder if the fact there was so much second hand smoke in the bar that it triggered nicotine receptors in my brain.  Very odd.

I can honestly say I was super happy about leaving that place.  I’m going to seek out smoke free establishments in the future.  I think it will be better for me not to be around that environment.  Not that I would have broken down and smoked… as my resolve is strong.  I just don’t like the frustration it causes me.

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Quitting Smoking – Day 29

Obama may not have quit smoking.  But I have.  Today is day 29 and I am still smoke free.  Yesterday was my first day to go the entire day, and then realize as I was going to bed that I never thought about smoking the entire day! What a wonderful feeling.

I’ll still keep you updated from time to time, but as it stands today I am certain that I am 100% done smoking for the rest of my life.  I did it!  You can do this too!  Just think… can you spend one month of your life struggling for a lifetime of freedom?  Yes!  This has been the best decision I have ever made.

As you are a smoker, and during your quit, your brain is going to tell you “I don’t really want to quit.”  It’s going to say “I like smoking.”  You’re going to seriously question your quit.  By the time you reach one month, your going to realize it was the nicodemon telling you that.  You’re going to realize you never liked smoking in the first place.  You’re going to realize you were a slave to nicotine and that you didn’t know or understand it.

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